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Multimixer design provides for the uniform mixing of sufficiently large volumes of polymer-sand compound within the short time period. The mixers are used to prepare the compound prior to its loading into the heating-and-melting unit.

The components are loaded into the mixer manually or with the help of a belt conveyor, unloading of the mixed compound is performed through the discharge outlet located at the bottom of the mixer. Discharge lever can be equipped with a servo drive if automation is required. Standard execution is manual or semi-automatic. The offered mixers are multipurpose and appropriate for processing of different-fraction materials (granules and powders).

Project Highlights

Project Overview for A Semi Automatic Production Line

Return on Investment (ROI) 13 months *
Cost of Production Rs.17 per Sq ft *
Production Capacity Million Tiles per annum
Built up area required 5000 sq ft approx
Connected Power 85kw
Labor for 24 x 6 Operations 18 workers

* Cost of production differ depending on size & thickness of the product. ROI, Cost & Capacity shown here relates to 300 x 300 x 10 mm outdoor parking Production Line.