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Fumes Exhaust System

 Fumes Exhaust System

The harmless fumes comes out in HMS during the melting process is to be safely collected and let out into atmospheric air outside the factory. We need to install three suction system to collect the fumes in three different points of HMS which has to be integrated and connected to a high power suction ID fan for the collection of fumes.

Such a way you can maintain clean ambience inside the factory premises for continues operation of plant into 24 x 7 period.

Project Highlights

Project Overview for A Semi Automatic Production Line

Return on Investment (ROI) 13 months *
Cost of Production Rs.17 per Sq ft *
Production Capacity Million Tiles per annum
Built up area required 5000 sq ft approx
Connected Power 85kw
Labor for 24 x 6 Operations 18 workers

* Cost of production differ depending on size & thickness of the product. ROI, Cost & Capacity shown here relates to 300 x 300 x 10 mm outdoor parking Production Line.