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Agglomerating Unit

 Agglomerating Unit

Single-rotor agglomerators are the machines to crush and compact soft, mainly film-type plastic. They serve as an optimal solution for recycling of respectively small volumes of film PE and PP. Raw material is fed into the processing chamber where it is cut with knives assembled on a vertical rotor. The particles of the crushed film get heated and solidify in the form of irregular-shaped spherical granules by the action of friction force. When the needed consistence of the plastic material is reached water is poured into the chamber which divide the agglomerate into smaller portions. Then the material is dried out and discharged.

Agglomerators are highly productive and allow recycling not only LDPE, but HDPE, PP, PA as well and get a stable outcome.

The units are equipped with enforced bearing blocks, pulleys of the bigger diameter, enhanced thermal insulation and ventilation of the working chamber.

Project Highlights

Project Overview for A Semi Automatic Production Line

Return on Investment (ROI) 13 months *
Cost of Production Rs.17 per Sq ft *
Production Capacity Million Tiles per annum
Built up area required 5000 sq ft approx
Connected Power 85kw
Labor for 24 x 6 Operations 18 workers

* Cost of production differ depending on size & thickness of the product. ROI, Cost & Capacity shown here relates to 300 x 300 x 10 mm outdoor parking Production Line.